This is my cookbook.

As the title implies it is not a cookbook concerned only with food but rather with the act of eating or cooking for and with others. It is about communion.

It was conceived in the midst of the Greek crisis- when everything looked grim and the landscape surrounding me was one of negativity.  Even if I had food to eat and a place to stay the environment far from lent itself to my desire for productive activity and expression of creative energy. Making this cookbook started as a genuine desire to collect the recipes I grew up eating and pay tribute to two influential women in my life, but has grown into much more than that.

Through a Kickstarter campaign I launched in March 2013 I created a community of over 500 people who supported me financially, and not only, in the journey of creating this book.

At the beginning of 2014 all my kickstarter backers received their books- and the feedback has been incredibly positive! Not only have I received comments praising the book I laboriously worked on for the past year but most importantly people are starting to cook Greek food in their homes all over the world within a common Cooking to Share atmosphere. The most touching part is the thought that people may be taking time to share in the feeling of excitement that I have when people eat or cook together.  I invite you all to become part of this growing community of people who wish to keep tradition alive and sit at the table to eat with those they love.

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