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Cooking to Share is a Greek cookbook honouring family, uncompromised tradition, cooking and life.

A recipe-book that guides the reader into the kitchen of a modern Greek family revealing their annual traditions, a respect for ingredients, and the important role the food we eat growing up can play in building our sense of identity.

An introductory note that builds an atmosphere around each dish precedes each recipe and the book is dotted by the author’s reflections on food and how it relates to life.

The design is contemporary but gives the book a warm feel almost like it has already been worn in through time.

The open spine allows the book to lay flat on the kitchen counter, the material lining the top of the book pays tribute to the traditional cloth bond book and the photography is brought to life through illustration that whimsically continues off the photographs and into the page.

A book that will make you want to build a culture around food in your own home while at the same time provides you with the basic recipes cooked in most Greek homes.


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